Macarons with lemon buttercream and The Cooking Doctor’s Ultimate pastry set review

Its macarons time again! And along with that, I am extremely happy to share a short review of a yet another wonderful product from The Cooking Doctor’s silicone bake-ware line.

I had earlier done a review of their beautiful cupcake liners that you can read here. I was very happy with the outcome of my cupcakes, and the macaroon mat triumphed as well, allaying my fears of “will the shells come off clean?”.

Please don’t mind the mess on the mat! I dropped a few drops of egg white. I thought I wiped it clean but when they came out of the oven it had this very thin white crust 😉
My previous attempts on macarons were on a baking sheet (Please see click here for my macaroon recipes), but the usage of mats take the experience to a new level. These mats have slightly elevated sides, and this ensures that the batter does not flow out when you pipe them. So it’s same sized macarons every time – one big highlight of the product I must say! The macarons did take a little more time to bake when compared to baking them on a parchment paper. I had to do 4 minutes more, but that again will totally depend on your oven; so the first time you might want to keep a close watch on the baking time. 

Another advantage of the mat is that, it is double-sided with one side for round shaped macarons and the other you can bake whoopie pies, bake heart and flower shaped macarons too. The set also contains 3 pastry nozzles, 1 adaptor, 1 silicon piping bag and a recipe booklet. 

I am extremely happy with my baking experience with The Cooking Doctor’s silicone bake-wares. So if you would be interest in knowing more of the bake-wares from THE COOKING DOCTOR then please click here or e-mail –

Silicone bake-ware products are termed as “bake green “products as you avoid throwing away cupcake case, aluminum foils or parchment papers – a subtle way of doing your bit for the mother nature. The Cooking Doctor’s silicone bake-wares are made of the finest quality that is 100% safe and FDA approved. Yes do keep in mind that a low quality bake-ware can be hazards. So always make sure you buy the best, and do not compromise on the quality,

Now over to the recipe –

For the macarons please click here. I have used Wilton red food color here.

For the lemon butter cream icing –

  • Icing sugar – 3.5-4 cups
  • Unsalted butter – 115 grams
  • Lemon Juice – 2 tablespoon
  • Lemon zest – ½ teaspoon

How to –
In mixing bowl, beat the butter till pale and fluffy. Gradually add the sugar, 1 cup at a time and alternating with the lemon juice and zest. Beat well till the frosting is light and fluffy and until you get the desired consistency to pipe. Add more  juice as needed.



19 thoughts on “Macarons with lemon buttercream and The Cooking Doctor’s Ultimate pastry set review

  1. I am drooling at the macaroons!!! (as usual!) wonderful review of the mat set… looks like a really good investment… I have already told Jehanne to reserve one each for me so that I could order it from her when the time comes! hehe…

  2. Cute and beautiful macarons, macarons are one among your masterpieces Rekha, and as always this time too they look marvelous. The review of the silicone mats was also quite informative dear.

  3. Macarons are something that I always wanted to try out but I have never got to it… I am pretty impressed with Jehanne's bakeware… they seem to be really good. Great post dear. Love the clicks and the food styling too !!!

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