Pazham pradhaman

IMG_1156 01-001Almost all festivals or celebrations call for a sadhya (feast) in Kerala, and no feast is complete without payasam(s) or Pradhaman (pudding). I love those awesome wedding feasts which ends with different types of payasam ; three varieties is almost a norm, more the merrier. Continue reading

Almond burfi – My guest post

It’s my second guest post and this time too it’s for one of my favorite blog- The Big sweet tooth by Rafeeda. Its indeed such a pleasure to have met Rafee right here. I really enjoy reading her blog. I love the way she writes. It seems so effortless and natural. Inspite of being a working mom she is such a regular here which leaves me wondering from where she gets the time and energy to cook and post. Rafee wishing you the best in life always and Stay blessed.

And to the recipe, well what better than a sweet for the Big sweet tooth! Its Almond burfi. Click here to visit Rafee’s blog and for the recipe. Hope you like the post!

Once again thank you Rafee for sharing your space for my post!