About me


Welcome to my space on the web. My name is Rekha and I come from the land of spices, coconut trees and stunning backwaters called Kerala, a state in the south-west region of India.

Moving to Singapore after my marriage was one key reason for me fall in love with food. The amalgam of cuisines here inspired me big time into culinary world, and I started experimenting on my own. Once I experienced the creative satisfaction of cooking there was no looking back. Inspired from my mom’s style of cooking and thus the measurements mentioned in my recipes are to  my family’s liking. Please be open to alter the measurements to your interpretation and taste.

It has been a wonderful journey. Enjoying every bit… Cooking up, styling and photography. Each recipe has been a learning and continuing to learn. Hope you will enjoy and find recipes that interest you…

Lets be fair…

…all recipes I share are developed (or inspired from others), tested and photographed in my kitchen. I have mentioned the source of recipes wherever relevant. A lot of effort is put into developing and photographing the food I share until stated otherwise. If you want to use my work you can e-mail me at rekhavengalil@gmail.com. PLEASE DO NOT TO USE MY WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Thank you for visiting my space. Your comments and feedback means a lot and i love reading them 🙂

Best regards


You may contact/write to me at rekhavengalil@gmail.com


20 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hai Rekha, I have discovered your blog through foodgawker. You have an amazing blog with excellent food photos and recipes. I’m very happy to know about you. Happy blogging!!

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