Apricot Jam


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Nectarine & Apple Jam – A guest post


I have been quiet about inviting my blogger friends and co-bloggers for guest posting. Now, after a long gap I have a guest over to share a lovely recipe with us. 

She was the first one who dropped a comment on my blog and my first blogger friend.  Though I met her here in the blog world, it feels like we have known each other for ages. A friend I dot on for every little thing be it about blogging, photography or where to download new fronts from. She has been always there to help. 

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Meena from elephants and the coconut trees, a blog featuring some mouth watering recipes with very crispy & creative photography. I truly admire her style and the way she plates her dishes. Her food stories that are woven around her childhood/growing up years sure takes you through the memory lanes. 
All her recipes get me drooling, yet here’s a few of my favorites from her blog that came quickly to my mind. Do Visit her blog for great recipes.


Meena, I can’t thank you enough for doing the guest post and so excited about sharing this wonderful recipe and so so beautiful pictures with my dear readers.
Now, over to Meena…
Hello lovely people,
This is Meena, the hand behind the blog  elephants and the coconut trees . I am from Kerala, India currently living in California with my techie husband and tween. I am a big time foodie and  enjoy most cuisines barring a few meats. 
My cooking is the reminiscent of the comfort food I grew up eating and some that are newly acquired .The blog  becomes my food memoir in the making where like minded people come , we laugh and we literally converse which I think is the best part of having a blog. Never thought I would make so many friends virtually.
 Love spending time photographing food , a learning process and a challenge I happily take up. I click until I am pleased .Sometimes a  post can  wait for months to get the right set of pictures .I am self taught and not an expert in food photography but I judge my work I should say very harshly.If it is not appealing to me then the  blog does not see it. I think that pushes me a lot. I am very passionate about the blog and love to write what is in my heart and not go by dates,deadlines or keep up with Joneses:).Perhaps that is the reason so many of us are having a blog, nothing dictates right!
Coming to the recipe, I have never made jam till this year nor did it ever strike me to make at home until my daughter repeated asked for a bottled one every time we were in store I was reluctant as I knew jam would be the main meal and bread would be name sake  :)).. So just decided to make some without preservatives,dyes or additives. This is my third attempt of jam making u see here :). I totally understand why women in the West brag about the homemade jams and preserves I mean it tastes awesome when compared to store bought ones.
My ancestral home in India has big backyards and large farm lands so every year summer vacation was spent eating  jack fruits, mangoes and tamarind. Can you imagine the state of the stomach !:))) Tamarind pods would leave the mouth so sore that finally even water burns :)). It was beyond our capacity to finish all this  in raw state so only those went for preserves and pickles.We were also sent a large chunk of those in every form possible :))
 At home mango,guava,banana, rose apple, mulberry etc were eaten only fresh.There was no excess… come on! what are friends for, to share the produce right !! More over my folks never approved of bread and jam as a satisfying breakfast. Bakery bread used to be served only with stews.Indians by large go for a savory breakfast, their preference of  fiery spice could be the reason behind the wide variety of pickles available there than jams.

How about some bread, butter and homemade jam!! Ya !there is a glass of milk in the background but you will need a torch to see that lol..
Apple is used here to get the jelly like end product as it contains high amounts of pectin..Use just ripe fruits for best results.
White nectarine-5
Apple -1(any kind)
Sugar- 3/4 – 1 cup
Lime juice- 1/2 of 1
  1. Wash and wipe the fruits . Discard seed need not remove the peel as it becomes soft and not visible in the jam.Slice nectarines into bigger pieces and chop the apples as nectarines cook faster than apple.
  2. In a heavy bottom pan combine all the ingredients and cook on a low to medium flame till the juices from the fruits come out then reduce flame and allow it to thicken by stirring often.If u stir for too long then the jam will lose its thickness and become watery. See all the water!all that came from the fruit!So don’t be tempted to add even a drop of water.


   3. Do not mash the fruit too much as the elasticity of pectin is lost and tends to become        watery.
   4. A good rule of thumb is when you separate the jam with the spatula it should part in          the middle and form a path (see bottom pic)then the jam is ready.
  5. Pour the jam into a clean dry jar while it is still hot and let it cool then put the lid and       enjoy for breakfast or like my daughter does scoop whenever  she wants some 🙂
  • Any fruit that you like could be used to make jam.
  • As the jam cools down it will thicken a bit more.
  • It tastes best when made in small quantities.
  • Since no sealing and canning is done store the jam in the fridge after 2 days for up to 3 weeks.
  • Make the jam on slow flame only .Don’t hurry up:)
Thank you Meena for a wonderful recipe and I can’t wait to make this 🙂 Here’s wishing you all the very best and stay blessed always.
Dear friends/readers, hope you liked the post and recipe what Meena has shared. We are looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time. 
See you soon with a new recipe.Till then…

Take care

Berry jam with strawberries and blueberries

For the first time I made the Jam…#PROUD. Something I enjoyed cooking up but a bit more
You need –
  • Strawberry – 250 grams, rinsed, hulled and diced
  • Blueberries – 125 grams, rinsed
  • Caster sugar – 1- 1/3 cups
  • Lemon juice – 2 tablespoon
How to –
  • Process the blueberries in a food processor. Then pass through a fine sieve. Discard the solids and set aside.
  • In another pan smash the strawberries leaving a few small chunks.
  • In a non-stick pan combine the blueberries, strawberries, sugar and lemon juice.  Heat on medium-high and Cook, stirring frequently, until jam is thick and bubbles completely takes about 7-8 mins.  Please note the Jam will continue to thicken as it cools
  • Remove from heat and skim off scum, if any. Transfer to a Jar and allow to cool at room temperature. Once the jam has cooled completely cover the with a tight lid and refrigerate.