Mutton Chukka – A guest post

A guest post for a beautiful blog and lovely friend…   
It’s not been long since I met Shey of JUST NOT THE CAKES but in this short span of interactions, she comes across as a warm and affable person. Truly blogging has got me connected to some wonderful like-minded people. Her space has some lovely recipes and she also share some great Sri Lankan cuisine. 
The recipe I share today is the famous south Indian recipe “Mutton Chukka”. So please hop over to Shey’s space to read more of the recipe I share. 
Thank you Shey for having me over and I enjoyed doing the post for you.

24 thoughts on “Mutton Chukka – A guest post

  1. So sweet of your to guest post. I agree, blogging has opened so many door to like minded people and I am so glad to have found you too.
    Now, this dish is making me crave for it. Love it. Will check out Shey's blog now.

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