Uzhunnu Vada/Medu Vada – A guest post


Meet Shruti, the beautiful lady behind the blog Cooking with SJ; that has a great collection of recipes and really wonderful photographs. I am extremely happy to be sharing a recipe in her beautiful space. Thank you Shruti for having me over J and being a wonderful friend!


Some recipes bring down a whole lot of memories of your childhood and growing up years and that’s what this recipe is for me! Every time I munch on them I am on ride down the beautiful days of my childhood and I am sure it’s the same for many of you too. Every home has their version and every mom makes it special! So here’s my mom’s Uzhunnu Vada or Medu Vada. These are famous deep fried lentil fitters from the South of India served for breakfast or as a teatime snack.  They are traditionally served with coconut chutney or sambar.   So head over to Shruti’s space for the recipe and looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

It was truly a pleasure to do the post for you Shruti!. Thank you once again for having me over.  Stay blessed always 🙂


18 thoughts on “Uzhunnu Vada/Medu Vada – A guest post

  1. Rekha, I can’t express how happy I’m now!!! It was wonderful to have a guest-post from you… 🙂 And of course, will bug u more until I try out ur macaroons ♥

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