Aloo Palak / Potato-spinach stir fry – Video recipe

I am very excited in sharing my first video recipe. This is a quick one, I didn’t want to get messy by choosing a recipe that’s going to be hard to film (Still learning to use the video cam, actually for the last 5 years) :-). Your feedback/comments will sure go a long way as its always been..

Over to the recipe, this is sure a favorite of many and so is my family’s too. 

How to –


22 thoughts on “Aloo Palak / Potato-spinach stir fry – Video recipe

  1. I watched the video..good job Rekha…u had steady hands, I am yet to make a video but did make flop ones and my hands were not steady ..he he…I ate aloo saag today and that to a burnt one.after cooking instead of turning off I simmered it went out to drop lil one to nursery when I came back house was lil smokey and my vessel was all burnt but the dish tasted good with that burnt flavour …still need to figure out how to clean that saucepan 🙂

  2. Great video Rekha.. Looks great.. Actually I like these kinda videos without the cook explaining the steps.. Neat & precise 🙂 But I miss the pics 😦 U cud have added them as well !!

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