My Onasadya

Firstly, wishing all the Malayalis a very happy Onam! And for those who are new to this term, here is something to read
Some nostalgic memories of the growing up years still remain so fresh. Since my schooling was in Bangalore, I have not celebrated too many Onam in Kerala. But still, it was great fun with all the Malayali friends and families getting together on this day, and then our month long cultural celebrations at the Kerala Samajam (Club).

Now the main attraction of the festival – the ONASADYA. I remember mom having an early start in the kitchen preparing all the traditional 11 to 13 essential dishes  that together forms the Onasadya…  I always wondered from where mom would get all that energy to prepare the sadya all by herself. Not that we never wanted to help her in the kitchen but she always loved to do it all by herself. And I have picked this up from my mom too as I love to cook all by myself and see my family and friends happily enjoy the food J

Little India, Singapore
For me – someone who loves to cook, the true happiness of the festivity is to prepare the scrumptious Onasadya. It’s a half day long process but I completely enjoy every minute I spend in the kitchen. I am glad that here in Singapore it’s not hard to find all the ingredients and vegetables that you need for the sadya. A trip to little India is all that you need to make.  Having done my Onam shopping this year and my Onasadya, I am looking forward to a great year ahead and do more culinary experiments.

A great food to celebrate and treasure god’s own country called Kerala…!

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