Penang style chicken curry – My guest post

This is my first guest post and its for a beautiful blog Elephants and coconut trees by Meena, the name that really fascinated me. I can’t thank Meena enough for giving me this opportunity do the the guest post. I haven’t met her yet and we got to know each other though our blogs and e-mails. But I must tell you she is one of my best blogger friend now. It’s wonderful to have met you here Meena.

She has some great collection of recipes and its hard to choose yet here’s a few of my favorites from her blog. Do Visit her blog for great recipes.
The recipe I choose for the post was Penang Chicken curry. I know she loves chicken because every time I post a chicken recipe, she tells me she is drooling. Thought of something from this part would be lovely. This is a mix of Malay, Thai and Indian. 

To know a little of me and for the recipe click here 

Thank you for this e-set sari Meena 🙂 Loved it.


18 thoughts on “Penang style chicken curry – My guest post

  1. Just heading to your space from Meena's. The Penang chicken originating from my country is fabulous and that's why I always tell people that we have the best food, many others can't resist. The lemongrass and galangal, our local herbs oozes out fabulous flavors into any savory dishes and it did for your version of Penang chicken.

  2. Beautiful e-set sari.. Just saw your penang chicken on Meena's space.. Loved it dear.. Gorgeous clicks dear… Keep rocking Rekha 🙂

  3. I wanted to tell you that I'm your biggest fan and love ur photography like anything.. I learn something new from you each time I visit your blog Rekha… Looking forward to lotts of lovely posts from you in the coming future dear.. Hugsxx

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