"Learning Through Experiences by Gheza-E-shiriin" – My Guestpost

Today is my guest post for Gheza-E-shiriin by Huma. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have connected with Huma. I first took notice of her blog during Ramadan where she had a event going ” Ramadam – an event to share” ever since I have been a regular at her place. 

My excitement knew no limits when Huma asked me to do a post on food styling and photography. I immediately agreed to share my little ideas and thoughts of something I love doing the most.Please click here to read more as I share what little I have learnt over this one year of my blogging and photography.

Thank you for taking your time to read through my thoughts. Looking forward to your comments/feedback/suggestions.

Best Regards,

10 thoughts on “"Learning Through Experiences by Gheza-E-shiriin" – My Guestpost

  1. saw the post on humi's space – fantastic!!! i love ur photography – do i have to tell that to you??? 🙂 – just like you say, light makes a lot of difference and that's something i really don't get. hope to learn lots from you…

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